What Is This Event About?

Impact Hub and Cordaid, invite entrepreneurs, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, donors and global citizens to participate in re-imagining what resilience in entrepreneurial ecosystems means, and how we can collaborate to build resilience in entrepreneurship.

What are we talking about when we say resilience? What does it mean in your context? What does it mean when we say an entrepreneur is resilient, or an ecosystem is resilient? How is it different for policy makers, entrepreneurs, donors, partners and other ecosystem facilitators? What kinds of programs, investments and initiatives are happening, or need to happen, to increase resilience? Participants at the Re-Imagining Resilience conference will explore and create collective solutions to these questions.

What Will Happen?

This gathering will create spaces for engagement that will result in a portfolio of projects co-designed by participants. This will happen through provocations, participatory dialogue, interactive group work to address relevant trends and ecosystem realities, and solution oriented project development workshops. There will also be a vibrant marketplace, where participants can showcase their projects, hold pitching workshops and lead various learning labs, and dedicated time for one-on-one engagement. See the full agenda here.

Who Are The Organizers?

The Re-Imagining Resilience Conference is jointly convened by Impact Hub and Cordaid. Read more about the Impact Hub & Cordaid Partnership – Resilience Africa Program.

Impact Hub

Impact Hubs are curators of physical and virtual work and social spaces designed to help materialize your vision for a better world; part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center, we offer our members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to move their ideas from intention to impact. We believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.

From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Khartoum to San Francisco, Accra to Sao Paulo, we are a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 11,000+ members in 65+ locations, with another 20+ in the making. Each Impact Hub is developed and owned by a local team and is deeply rooted in the local market and community. Although each local Impact Hub has their own unique community, Impact Makers from around the world come together on a global scale to share stories, aspirations, and accomplishments that celebrate our collective impact.





For more than 100 years, values of compassion and solidarity have been the source of inspiration for Cordaid’s work. Cordaid’s mission today is to contribute to the structural social change and transformation that is needed to build flourishing communities in fragile and conflict-affected areas. Cordaid aims at a just and sustainable world for everyone. A world in which we share our Global Common Goods, create space for diversity and we work together with everyone who shares our values, interests and a common purpose

Cordaid strongly believes in collaboration and works closely with a network of 617 partner organizations in 38 countries. Cordaid’s track record of investing in the missing middle in challenging contexts is based on a two-track approach. The first track consists of the provision of access to inclusive finance whilst the second one is the provision of Resilience Business Development Services (RBDS).



How Do I Register?

You can register here. 

If you have any questions for the organizers, contact addis.info@impacthub.net

How Can I Get In Touch?

For more information about this event or any enqueries, email: addis.info@impacthub.net

Do I Need a Visa for Ethiopia?

See the following links for more information on Visa Requirements for Ethiopia:
However, the following countries can get tourist visa on arrival without any invitation letter and formalities:
Category 1: citizens of the following countries can secure visa on arrival by paying USD 50 (or equivalent various currencies) and saying they are in the country for a visit.  You will not need any invitation letters, just a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity:
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Where To Stay

There are great hotels in Addis Ababa, see the below recommendations:


Hotel Name: Elilly Hotel (Conference venue) Hotel website: www.elillyhotel.com

Located in Kazanchis, walking distance from ECA Conference Center and close to Meskel Square and Addis Ababa Stadium.

Hotel Name: Aphrodite Hotel (Less than 5 min. walk from Elily Hotel) Hotel website: www.aphroditeaddis.com

Located in Kazanchis, walking distance from ECA Conference Center and close to Meskel Square. Walking distance from Elilly Hotel- less than 5 minutes.


Hotel Name: Intercontinental Hotel (Less than 5 min. walk from Elily Hotel) Hotel website: www.intercontinentaladdis.com

Located in Kazanchis, walking distance from ECA Conference Center and close to Meskel Square. Walking distance from Elilly


Hotel Name: Jupiter International Hotels Hotel website: www.jupiterinternationalhotel.com

Located in Kazanchis, walking distance from ECA Conference Center and close to Meskel Square Walking distance from Elilly- 5-7minutes walk


Hotel Name: Saro-Maria Hotel Hotel website: www.saromariahotel.com

Located in the Bole medhanialem Area. Requires shuttle or taxi service to reach Elilly


Hotel name: Friendship International Hotel Hotel website: www.friendshiphotel.com.et

Located in the Bole medhanialem Area. Almost in front of Saro Maria. Requires shuttle or taxi service to reach Elilly

Who Is Coming?

Business leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, donors, global citizens working in the creation, facilitation and practice of resilient entrepreneurship.