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What are we talking about when we say resilience? What does it mean in your context? What does it mean when we say an entrepreneur is resilient, or an ecosystem is resilient? How is it different for policy makers, entrepreneurs, donors, partners and other ecosystem facilitators? What kinds of programs, investments and initiatives are happening, or need to happen, to increase resilience? Participants at the Re-Imagining Resilience conference will explore and create collective solutions to these questions.
Business leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, donors, global citizens - all are implicated in the creation, facilitation and practice of resilient entrepreneurship. This conference will push the conversation one step beyond simply exploring what resilience looks like; it will navigate what each of us can do together to enhance resilience in entrepreneurship.
This gathering will create a space that encourages a dynamic sharing process that will result in a portfolio of projects co-designed by participants. Formats used over these two days will include provocations, participatory dialogue, interactive group work to address relevant trends and ecosystem realities, and solution oriented project development workshops.
There will also be a vibrant marketplace, where participants can showcase their projects, hold pitching workshops and lead various learning labs. There will be dedicated time for one-on-one engagement; networking speed dating